Neuroenterology is a peer-reviewed science-based journal focussing on enteric neuroscience and neurophysiology. Our aims are broad and incorporate all forms of scientific study in the field of neurogastroenterology. We are particularly keen on clinical, whole human and basic science research that spans the neuroenterology specialty from brain-gut interactions through to cellular mechanisms.

Our scope includes:

  • Functional GI disorders
    • Whole human physiology
    • Neurogenic GI disorders 
    • Brain-gut interactions 
    • Brain imaging and gut function 
    • Enteric neurophysiology 
    • Basic neuroenteric mechanisms

The journal is particularly pleased to receive submissions of work, which are both early stage and innovative and where disease mechanisms in both neurogenic and functional GI disorders are explored. We are happy to receive original articles as well as short reviews and commentaries in these categories with a particular focus on translational research. The international associate editors in clinical neuroenterology and basic science neuroenterology will have the freedom to operate within the journal administration to allow both mainstream and non-mainstream original and novel research to be reviewed and accepted.