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Trends in Pathology and Microbiology


Trends in Pathology and Microbiology (TPM) welcomes articles from the latest scientific findings and observations pertaining to microbes, their sub-cellular structural and functional constitution and ecological interactions with particular focus on the pathogenic strains causing disease in plants, animals, and humans. Emphasis is placed on original research articles and reviews that advance the translational knowledge into the disease pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prognostication. The journal will also publish clinical case reports if they deal with unreported cases, unusual side effects or drug interactions, new diseases or association of diseases, or new findings on pathogenesis and treatment of the disease.

ISSN: 2090-9039

Impact Factor: 1.28

Listings: Google Scholar, CrossRef, Portico, DOAJ, EBSCO, J-Gate,, Scribd, Open Research

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Current Issue

Volume 7, No. 1

Published December 30, 2020